RSD 281: We’re excellent taxpayer dollar stewards, because we say so.

Speed Gibson asks where are the gatekeepers at Robbinsdale School District’s new website, as they proclaim themselves an “excellent steward of taxpayer dollars.”

Who’s in charge? Who’s watching and coordinating the content? Who’s doing the proofreading and the fact checking? I point to a page titled “The District is an excellent steward of taxpayer dollars” in regard to the November 2008 Operating Levy Referendum.

Are they wrong? Is the district not an excellent steward of our tax money? I don’t know and neither does the District. I am not aware of any objective basis for making this statement, nor is any given on the web page in question. On many other pages, the phrase “We’re listening!” refers to the recent Strategic Planning process. One major outcome of that study was that more transparency and scrutiny of District spending are needed, which led to the creation of the Financial Advisory Commission in August. They have met twice, but have issued no such opinions yet.

I’m not saying that the District cannot take pride in handling tax dollars responsibly. The mechanics are sound, with the Finance Director having been recognized several times for his expertise. The Board and Administration have worked many hours developing budget cuts, before and after the Strategic Planning process, taking great care throughout. But say it another way. Simply proclaiming yourself as “excellent” is too easily perceived as arrogance.

As Dr. Frank Luntz says, it’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.

Note: I checked out the Referendum 2008 page, and clicked on this link: We’re Listening – Letter to the Community

Here’s what appeared:

They should re-word that link to read, “We’re listening, because we say so.”

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One Response to “RSD 281: We’re excellent taxpayer dollar stewards, because we say so.”

  1. maryjanedoh Says:

    Nice catch. Even their web admin is incompetent. Glad the Super & the Board “care” enough to actually check the site for content and their own contribution to this “letter to the community”. Guess the “letter” is just more empty rhetoric.

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