3 schools to close: Follow the money

Speed Gibson attended the board hearing March 2 and wrote:

It was a long night, the March 2nd Board meeting extending into March 3rd by three minutes before it was adjourned. I must say there was quite a bit of discussion for votes that had earlier been characterized as formalities. But it’s over.

The Robbinsdale Area Schools officially closed Pilgrim Lane Elementary, Sunny Hollow Elementary, and Sandburg Middle School. A couple of us suggested at least tabling the Sandburg decision for a couple of weeks for further study, but to no avail. The original K-5 decision adopted January 20th was tonight made official per separate Roll Call votes.

Applicants are coming in now for the IB program, but the board didn’t want to delay the Sandburg decision. What will be interesting is to see the racial disparity between RMS and Plymouth. Even more interesting will be to watch how the board tries to “whitewash” this issue.

Keep an close eye on Barb Van Heel, who was heard saying she was determined to prove she’s not wishy-washy and vote to close Sandburg (turning a blind eye to the moving costs and other issues). At an earlier meeting, one person illustrated to Barb a home moving cost example (analyzing the cost of updating and condition of the building, rather than deciding to move first and realize afterward the cost of upgrades and re-installs), she dug her “heel” in further. Arrogance at its finest.

Follow the money once the move to RMS begins, and you’ll once again see the reckless financial decisions some board members made with our tax dollars.

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