Is it a mere coincidence?

Let us make one point clear; we here at 281 exposed do not believe in conspiracy theories, but ponder something if you will. Is it a mere coincidence that Stan Mack announced his retirement just a week or two before the referendum vote last fall? Is it also a mere coincidence that a facilities study was announced right after the referendum passed that recommended the closing of two elementary schools and one middle school? Imagine for just a moment if the facilities study came out in October and Mack announced that he wanted to renew his contract for another three years? Does anyone think the referendum that ripped $222 more in property taxes from the average home in the middle of a recession would have passed? Again, we don’t think this was a controlled conspiracy, it’s just something to think about.

One Response to “Is it a mere coincidence?”

  1. give2attain Says:

    If not to stir the conspiracy / discord pot, what again was the point of this posting?

    Supt Mack announced his retirement before the vote. This removed one reason some people had for voting no. Seems like a pretty big sacrifice to help the kids gain the additional funding he felt was required for the district to succeed. I only had to donate a few hundred dollars, motivate some flier distributor volunteers, take up blogging and pay ~$350/yr in extra taxes… His donation of his high paid position seems huge in comparison.

    Earlier in the year, the district and many citizens had decided to delay the closure discussion for one school year.(ie don’t hurry) This was no secret. The excess facilities had not gone anywhere and we all knew the issue would come up again. The only new finding was closing 3 vs 1, and I think we can agree that was a good thing.

    By the way, do you know anything about this RAS citizen mtg at the Rockford Rd library? Just wondering….

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