RAS Facility Improvement Co$t Estimates

We’re working on a more detailed comment on Dec. 14 work session, and point you to Give2Attain’s blog article on the estimates of rebuilding vs. new construction:

The Agenda from tonight’s work session includes what to do with the Northport/Lakeview opportunity. Would a possible $39,000,000 to $48,000,000 bill get your attention and motivate you to read them ??? (14Dec09 Work Session Documents)

Here’s a screencap of the estimate (PDF):


Below the costs were notes including these:

4. The existing facilities have significant space discrepancies relative to current MDE guidelines. Compliance with MDE guidelines would require significant additional facility space. Additional facility space to address the educational adequacy issue has a significant influence on a project budget.
5. A new facility would be expected to address the issue of space programming for educational adequacy for consistency with MDE guidelines. The extent of that compliance would have a significant influence on that project budget.

What are current MN Dept. of Education (MDE) guidelines for space – and do they have the power to decide what could significantly increase those building costs to you?  We hope that our district can make decisions regardless of MDE “guidelines” (where they probably envision Tom Dooher mansion space on a group home budget).

While you recover from sticker shock, don’t forget the additional cost of transporting students and set-up of temporary schools during construction.

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