“Economic Challenges” translates to “We need more money!”

With the new year brings another setup for a referendum, as we read between the lines from this Dec. 31 Sun-Post article:

Without changes in state funding for next year, he said the district’s expenditures are projected to exceed revenues.

“It looks like budget reductions, cuts are in our near future,” Sicoli said. “If nothing changes in the next few years – we know the state has a big challenge on its hands – if we don’t get some unexpected revenue, we are looking at some very significant cuts in the next few years.”

That might be translated as “It looks like we are looking for more significant cuts in your take-home pay via another referendum.”

There are no specific areas targeted for potential budget cuts, but with 80 percent of the district’s expenses personnel costs, Sicoli said it would be “pretty hard” to do significant cuts without looking at staff, which could increase class sizes.

“I’m not looking forward to this and I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to maintain our classes,” he said.

For community members wondering how they can help the Robbinsdale School District, Sicoli suggested one way would be to contact their state representatives.

Now there’s a strategic plan! This might be translated to “One way would be more significant cuts in your take-home pay via tax hikes.”  The referendum passed in 2008 was supposed to carry us through 2015, wasn’t it? And let’s not forget that student population decreases every year, so that alone should maintain classes. Whether it’s a referendum or a legislative bill, it’s residents who will pay for leadership’s lack of planning and willingness to cut spending.

Perhaps Robbinsdale Schools should convert one of their unused properties into a Budget Immersion School for Spendaholic Educrats, where we might teach responsible spending habits to district and state leaders. Or maybe a Real Estate Immersion School to help them sell off unused properties.  Now that would be a New Minnesota Miracle!

One Response to ““Economic Challenges” translates to “We need more money!””

  1. give2attain Says:

    Just a few reminders.

    – RAS revenue decreases as Student Population decreases
    – RAS fixed costs can’t decrease as quickly or smoothly
    – Therefore teacher count and class size take the hit

    – Referendum lasting full term assumed State funding growth
    – State funding is slipping and may slide backwards
    – Therefore referendum plan “shift happens”

    I agree RAS will need to make some cuts. Hopefully they prioritize their expenditures and cut wisely. Rather than going after the painful ones in order to drive public opinion.

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