Budget Deal Restores DC Voucher Program!

The last minute budget deal on Friday restored the voucher program in Washington DC that the Democrats and President Obama killed in 2009 bowing to their union donors!  Here is some data on the program from the Washington Examiner;

The voucher program began in 2004 and gives low-income students money to use toward private school tuition fees. In 2009, Democrats closed the program to new students. Now, the program is slated receive federal funding for the next five years.

5: Years the program is slated to be re-authorized for

$20 million: Federal funds to go toward scholarships each year

$40 million: Funds to go toward D.C. public and charter schools each year

$8,000: Maximum scholarship for elementary and middle school students

$12,000: Maximum scholarship for high school students

2,881: Students who received and used scholarships, 2004-09

Read more at the Washington Examiner:


Thank you to Congress for resorting the voucher program that gives poor families school choice!

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