Your input wanted, so they say

For those that have submitted surveys, attended meetings and the public hearings and think it’s making a difference in the school board’s decision-making, don’t count on it. Thursday’s work session showed the board writing pros and cons on 8 options, but many feel that the school board has already made a decision and this was all for show.

If not, we find it curious that Monday’s work session is closed (no press or public allowed) before Tuesday’s board meeting “to select one of the options.”

2 Responses to “Your input wanted, so they say”

  1. hollymgordon Says:

    This blog has been really helpful. I found it last night when looking for information on the candidates. Could you tell me of a similar site dealing with city council voting? (Golden Valley in particular)

    Thanks for the help!

  2. 281 Exposed Says:

    Thanks for the compliments – sorry we don’t know of city council sites like ours. We did a quick check and one candidate is on the Robbinsdale Schools divestiture advisory committee – Blair Tremere. Mark Freiderichs also seems fiscally responsible. The Sun papers did a candidate profile on each, which may help you decide.

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