It’s all about Mack

A Sandburg Middle School employee told us of Stan Mack addressing SMS staff recently. He was asked if support staff would lose their jobs with the school closings. Mack replied yes, with the closings it’s likely that support staff positions will be eliminated.

Later Mack told the group that if anyone is interested, he’s received multiple job offers.

The emperor has no clothes.

3 Responses to “It’s all about Mack”

  1. azboundsoon Says:

    I wonder if the YesRefs now realize trying to appease gov’t thirst for power and money never work. Ironically, a No vote would have given these poor parents more bargaining power in the school closing debacle.

  2. 281 Exposed Says:

    We agree, AZ: The 281 administration has lost our trust, our money and respect.

    But we can fight to get it back: 4 school board seats are up for election this November, and we encourage citizens to run for school board and vote for change. We deserve better.

  3. stanmack Says:

    Dude, just being honest. Anything wrong with that?

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