Parents, voters feeling betrayed by school board

We hate to say, “we told you so,” but are hopeful more citizens are waking up to the ineptitude of most in the 281 administration, like this writer to the MN Sun-Post:

Why is it that we, the constituents of District 281, should trust the school board and administration to follow through on what they say are the overall benefits to the students of District 281 by closing any of the mentioned schools?

In talking with parents who voted, and worked diligently, for the passage of the November referendum, there is a growing feeling of betrayal by many towards the school board for the support we the taxpayers have given the district. The term “hoodwinked” was used to describe one involved Sunny Hollow parent when discussing her activity in helping getting the referendum passed.

In looking at a breakdown of which areas in District 281 passed November’s referendum, all the immediate precincts around Sunny Hollow, Sandburg, Pilgrim Lane, along with others in the southwest quadrant contributed mightily to the referendum’s success.

The school board will need parent support to pass future referendums. I suggest they think strongly about the negative impact their actions will have on their constituents in precincts that can make or break future revenue needs.

Keith H.

2 Responses to “Parents, voters feeling betrayed by school board”

  1. give2attain Says:

    I am not sure I fully agree with the K-5 option that keeps both Northport and Lakeview open. Especially since I have not seen how they plan to fund their renovation. However, I am uncertain what you see as inept since they are actively taking action to cut cost by balancing and downsizing the schools? Thought this what you want… Or do you want them to keep catering to everyone that complains…

    Please elaborate…

  2. 281 Exposed Says:

    We all knew and agreed that downsizing is necessary. How the administration has handled it is where we part company. Wold has done well with the research and options, but we are not getting the transparency and honesty from the school board as hoped. This week will be telling as they announce their decision (likely K-5). Then we will see what the costs really are to realize the decided moves.

    Also note the boundaries which will segregate some schools (though they say otherwise). That’s for another post.

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