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Problems at RMS?

February 19, 2010

A few residents have informed us that the police were at Robbinsdale Middle School last week breaking up fights.  On Friday a statement condemning these fights by Principal Tom Henderlite was read over the PA by a student!  Is that not the principal’s job?  Several parents have told us that the kids are rude to the staff and that the inmates are running the asylum.  They are also considering their “educational options.”  If anyone has more info on this feel free to post a comment.

Update 2/21: Thanks to a RMS staff member who wrote in to clarify one fight incident on 2/11. There was a verbal argument between two racial groups of students. The police liasons were at training that day so city police were filling in. Principal Henderlite made announcements several times on the 11th, and the next day a student read an updated statement.

Public Meetings on Budget Feb. 10 and 17

February 6, 2010

Clear your schedule and attend one of these meetings:

New Hope, Minn. (February 3, 2009) – Robbinsdale Area Schools invites the community to a Public Meeting on budget adjustments for the 2010-2011 school year.  Join us either day:

  • Wed., Feb. 10, 7:00 p.m. at Robbinsdale Middle School, 3730 Toledo Ave. N., Robbinsdale or
  • Wed., Feb. 17, 5:30 p.m. at the Education Service Center 3rd floor board room, 4148 Winnetka Ave. N, New Hope.

Superintendent Aldo Sicoli and Lonnie Smith, executive director of business services, will provide an update on proposed adjustments and invite feedback from community members.

More information about the 2010-2011 budget is available at  Send an email to with questions or comments on the budget.

Download their spreadsheet showing changes in revenue and expense to the budget for this year and next.

Brooklyn Center as a Partner?

February 2, 2010

A few local residents have contacted us with the news they are working on a proposal to absorb the Brooklyn Center District  (ISD 286) with Robbinsdale (ISD 281).  Since ISD 286 has only three schools, and 1,800 students (30 % coming from Minneapolis), merging with us makes some sense.  In addition, it would help District 281 by removing Northport Elementary and the cost of renovation.  Here’s the breakdown…

If we merged with ISD 286 the benefits are:

*We could remove an entire administration saving hundereds of thousands of dollars.

*We could close Northport and send the Brooklyn Center kids to their elementary school (Earle Brown) and divide the Crystal kids between Forest, Meadow Lake, and Laveview saving taxpayers the $20 million to renovate Northport.

*We wouldn’t have to transposrt kids from Northport to Pilgrim Lane and then could divest out of that property.

Disadvantages would include..

*Both sides would have to approve a merger by referendum which would take time, a special election, and money.  People may feel reluctant to merge and create a bigger super district.

*We would have to redo our borders a year after already doing so.

It is an interesting possibility that we hope both school boards will consider.  Northport and Lakeview have to deal with their properties somehow, and if we can save $20 million especially in this economy that has to help.  Considering state spending is frozen for the next two years and our budget is already in the red next year (thanks to the fact we approved a Union contract we couldn’t afford), we have to have more creative solutions.  We welcome your thoughts on this issue.