Education Mafia at Work in St. Paul

As always, DFL legislators, Teachers Unions, and their bought and paid for school board members are scamming and scheming to get more of your hard earned money.  Here are two of the latest proposals in the state legislature;

House File 3699 Senate File 3317;

Which would grant school board $200 per pupil in discretionary levy authority in any year that the basic formula is not increased.

In other words, if the state gives us a 0% increase (which is still our money) then school boards can increase our taxes by $200 per student (about $2.4 million in ISD 281) without the voter’s approval.  This amounts to yet ANOTHER back-door referendum (I wonder if Mark Bomchill is for or against this or maybe both).  Talk about taxation wihtout representation!  Listen to the next one which is even worse;

House File 3063 Senate File 2769;

Which would allow school boards to renew an existing referendum by a majority vote of the school board as long as the per pupil amount of the referendum is the same as the expiring referendum and the term is no longer than the initial term of the referendum.

So then if a school district wants to renew a referendum for no more money they can renew it by a majority vote?  So could District 281 renew the 2008 referendum in 2015 for seven years with no vote?  So much for all that community outreach the district keeps on blabbing about.  They want our input as long as we continue to give them what is left of our checkbook.

Not surprising the DFL has its fingerprints all over this;  Jerry Newton (DFL 49B) is pushing House File 3063 and he is a school board director!  Mindy Greiling (DFL 54A) is the sponsor of the House File 3699 bill and she has a B.A. in…… guessed it; education.  On the Senate side the two sponsors are Don Betzold (DFL 51) and Terri Bonoff (DFL 43).  Call, email, and write these legislators and tell them NO to back door referendums.  We are TAXED HIGH ENOUGH!!!!


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