Spending our Money Part 3

Here is yet another letter to the editor from the Sun Post about a school right by us:

Why do we reward failure?

Low-ranked North View Junior High is getting a $1.7 million federal grant to improve scores. Why we reward failure is beyond me, but that’s the way things work these days. I don’t think throwing money at the problem will work, but if we have to, let’s just pay the kids cash if they reach the testing goals. Instead, math coaches will be hired to help teachers, the principal gets an assistant, and more multilingual staff will be hired. This is really just a No School Staff Left Behind program.

If my calculator and school enrollment are correct, each student could get about $1,500. Money is usually a great motivator. And parents would get a break from their kids pestering them for the latest in electronic gadgetry. They could buy the stuff themselves. A real win-win solution.

Larry Clifford, Brooklyn Park

Great letter Mr. Clifford!  The only choice the education establishment ever gives the taxpayers is to just throw money at it, and if you don’t want to pay you will get called an uncaring, unfeeling, child-hater!

One Response to “Spending our Money Part 3”

  1. concernedcitizen55441 Says:

    So we don’t like the school because it has low scores. But if we try to get the school help so that kids can do better, we mock them. What is the alternative? Just let the students fend for themselves? I’m not sure what the point of this letter is supposed to be. Hiring support staff is a gift to the current staff and not the students? The teachers there now will just sip lemonade while the new people do all the work? Lunacy.

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